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about me!

positions i'm running for:

for the 2024-25 academic school year, i am running to be TALON'S editor-in-chief. this past year, i worked as a co-sports editor and my sophomore year, the assistant sports editor. throughout my time as co-sports editor, i worked on 13 different sports pages (including spring supp), covered over 30 events, wrote two humans of harker profiles, and learned how to illustrate (featured on girls basketball page + club logos on charlie's page). i've truly learned so much this year and am extremely grateful to be a part of TFAM. with much inspiration from the incredible eics and mr. oliver, i have an overwhelming list of ideas for next year so please see my cover letter linked below for more information! please let me know if you have any questions & thanks for your time + consideration!


i'm gemma, a junior at the harker upper school and i am one of the sports editors for harker's journalism program. on this website, i have compiled my favorite photographs, articles, and more so please enjoy :)

a little more about me:

i am also a part of harker's varsity girls basketball team and have been playing basketball since fourth grade. in my occasional free time, i enjoy reading books, spending time with my three siblings, visiting new cafes and restaurants, discovering new music artists, going to warriors games with my dad, and shopping super unnecessarily with my mom. 


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cover letter
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