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here are some of the articles i've written for harker aquila so far :) please enjoy!

Humans of Harker: Bows, bridges, and boba

Lucas Chen: Humans of Harker

sneak peek: 

Clasping the bow of his cello, Lucas Chen (12) recalls bowing the instrument’s strings gently and beginning to perform his worries away, note after note. Every note is a worry gone, a stress gone, a weight lifted from his shoulders. Every worry gone is confidence, faith and a powerful amount of love for cello gained.

Varsity girls tennis team looks to repeat historic wins

sneak peek:

Following their success last year, where they won not only California Central Coast Section league but also the Northern California Section I championships, the upper school Girls Varsity Tennis team faces lofty expectations to defend their titles this season. 

Humans of Harker: Taking kicks and taking risks

Krish Maniar: Humans of Harker

sneak peek:

The game clock ticks down to its last seconds. The championship game and 2015 Morgan Hill District Cup title now rely on Krish Maniar (12). He secures the soccer ball between his feet and kicks it straight toward the net, praying for the first-ever goal of his soccer career, and the win, of course.

Apex: Fencer advances through life one lunge at a time

sneak peek:

Sweat drips off Ishani Sood (11)’s brow as she readies herself before a final bout. With just 30 seconds left on the clock, she needs 5 points to win, while her opponent only needs 1. Setting slim chances aside, she plants her feet, takes a deep breath, and prepares herself for the challenge ahead. Lunging toward her opponent, Ishani takes on the challenge.

Humans of Harker: Crave the wave

Alexis Nishimura: Humans of Harker

sneak peek:

Waves crash against Alexis “Lexi” Nishimura’s (12) back as she lies on the surface of her surfboard, the sun glimmering against her skin. Ripples carry her further and further away from shore, into a sanctuary where nothing but her thoughts, her board and the water cross her mind. With strong strokes, Lexi gains momentum and rises up on her board, focusing on maintaining her balance and catching the wave chasing her.

Humans of Harker: Pitches and particles

Anika Pandey: Humans of Harker

sneak peek:

Anika Pandey (12) recalls an end-of-year performance from third grade, standing on stage, as hundreds of parents gazed up at her, eager for her performance to begin. With sweaty hands, clenched fists and a tapping foot, she stepped up to the microphone and began singing her first-ever performance.

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